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Welcome to the latest JSCafe Deluxe. This version comes with additional features such as ability to shutdown, reboot or log off the client pc's from JSCafe Server. It also allows you to control printing so that a print job only gets printed after a customer has come to pay for the job so as to minimize wastage due to unclaimed print jobs. You can also now reset the client override password centrally from JSCafe Server. The contracts now permit you to search the records by username.


Point of Sale PC (i.e. where JSCafe Server is installed)

  •  Windows 2000 / Windows Me / Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7
  • Minimum 64 MB ram
  • Minimum hard disk space of 90 MB
  • Point of Sale PC must be networked to each client PC

Client PC (I.e. each client PC where JSCafe Client is installed)

  • Windows 2000 / Windows Me /Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7
  • Minimum 64 MB ram
  • Minimum hard disk space of 10 MB
  • Each Client PC must be networked to the point of sale PC

If you wan't your customer to be free to decide when to log off and pay you after use then the postpaid downloads below are perfect for you. This option additionally contains contracts which are prepaid. Contracts assist you to preserve your loyal customers by preselling bulk time to them e.g. 5 hours and giving each customer a username and password that they will come back and login with on any free PC time and again, without disturbing you at the counter, until they get a warning to either buy more time or be logged off.

If you wan't to ask your customer to anticipate how long he/she will be using your pc and thus pay you before use, and get a warning when the time is almost up that he/she must either buy more time otherwise be logged off shortly then the prepaid downloads below are perfect for you. For your loyal customers, meaning those that come again and again, the contract option described in the postpaid above is also available in this prepaid option. The difference between the contract and normal prepaid is that it takes 2-3 seconds to issue a normal prepaid password where as it takes a once off 1-2 minutes per new contract customer to create a contract because you have to collect customer name and last name, issue a username and password etc. So contracts although very efficient end up being practical and cost effective for returning customers (in other words loyal customers or regulars) and normal prepaid ends up being practical and cost effective for the rarely returning or once off, never returning customers.

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