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1. JSCafe Server

JSCafe Server's popular, innovative point of sale screen design allows the cashier to see time, cost and bandwidth for all PC's without having to do any clicking. This is unlike our competition where you have to do this in three laborious steps shown below, something you cannot afford at a busy point of sale;

step 1: Select the PC of interest

step 2: Right click to display a list of choices

step 3: Click on choice

Below is a screenshot of the popular main window of JSCafe Server which is operated from the point of sale computer terminal. Notice that color changes are utilized intensively to optimize the speed and efficiency of communicating status to the cashier. Green means the PC is ready to be allocated to a customer, blue means that a customer is busy at the PC and red means "danger" a customer has logged off and you must request your money from him before he walks out of your shop, black means the PC is idle.


2. JSCafe Client's screen shield

A  screen-shield prevents a customer from using the PC if he/she has not received an authorization password from the cashier at the point of sale computer. CTRL+ALT+DELETE is deactivated so that the customer cannot try any tricks to gain access to use of the PC without authorization. The screen-shield comes with a default black background. You can change this to a background of your choice by inserting a jpeg picture file in the "C:\JSCafe Client Deluxe\" folder where JSCafe Client is installed on each customer PC. The picture file must be renamed to image.jpeg so that JSCafe Client can recognize it and display it as a background image.

Default Shield
Customized Shield
Logon Screens
Pay after use
Contract Logon



3. JSCafe Client's timer

When a customer has successfully logged on, a small window showing time and cost is displayed on the bottom right hand side of the screen. This timer window is always on top of all the other windows on the screen. To get it out of the way you click the minimize button so that that it falls down to the task bar.


4. JSCafe Admin Control

To troubleshoot or setup client, admin control is used, which is quite simple as shown on the screenshot below.

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